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  • Conquering Advanced Yoga Poses

    By anchorwave | In Uncategorized | on October 8, 2015

    As you attend yoga classes to build your strength, promote relaxation, gain more energy, and improve your posture, you might begin to explore more advanced poses that can challenge the body and further build your strength. However, advanced poses can also have a higher risk for injury, so you’ll want to take it slow and […]

  • A Look at Rising Group Fitness Trends

    By animas | In Blog, Uncategorized | on September 15, 2015

    Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can sometimes be challenging to find time and motivation to incorporate it into your busy schedule. Even though you have many family, professional, and social obligations, fitness is something that should not fall by the wayside. Group fitness classes are becoming more and […]

  • Yoga Etiquette Tips for New Students

    By animas | In Blog, Uncategorized | on September 1, 2015

    When you’re looking for a way to get in shape, increase your flexibility, and decrease stress, consider taking a yoga class in Tucson. Yoga has been shown to have physical and mental benefits, so you’ll feel the effects of your class even after you leave the studio. If you have never taken a yoga class […]

  • Toughest Yoga Positions for Men to Master

    By animas | In Uncategorized | on August 24, 2015

    Yoga is a whole-body experience that challenges your strength and flexibility while rejuvenating your mental outlook on life. Each pose during your yoga class is designed to create harmony and balance between the body and mind. Although both men and women enjoy yoga equally, certain poses can be more difficult to master—keep reading to discover […]

  • Taking Your First Group Fitness Class

    By animas | In Uncategorized | on August 7, 2015

    Group fitness classes are an excellent way to start or augment your workout routine. This experience can help you feel more motivated and energized than working out on your own, while also providing a great social experience you’ll enjoy. If you’ve never taken a group fitness class before, keeping a few simple tips in mind […]

  • New Workshops: We will be holding Sip and Stretch classes, once a month, for September through November. Join us in September and November to support Evolve Dance West.  In October, we will be fundraising for HOPE Animal Shelter. Come stretch & try some wine with Animas while supporting a good cause. Sign up is required with […]

  • Why Water is Important When Working Out

    By animas | In Blog | on July 27, 2015

    Your body requires water for proper cell function. Getting enough water is an important part of maintaining your health, particularly while taking part in any type of physical activity. Whether you are enjoying yoga, dance, or a Pilates workout, it’s essential to maintain good hydration before, during, and after your workout. Body Temperature The human […]

  • Barre Fit Basics

    By animas | In Blog | on July 13, 2015

    Barre fitness classes utilize the principles of ballet barre work to provide participants with an engaging and effective workout. This unique activity can benefit individuals of all ages and fitness levels, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and mental focus. Whether you have enjoyed ballet for years or have never stepped up to the barre before, barre fit […]

  • Get Your Body Ready for Summer

    By animas | In Blog | on June 30, 2015

    As you prepare for the hot temperatures of a Tucson summer, you will want to take a few steps to feel confident in your favorite sun dresses and short shorts. If you feel like you need to get in shape before summer begins, follow these simple tips from Animas Center. Eat seasonally In the heat, […]

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