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Conquering Advanced Yoga Poses

By anchorwave | In Uncategorized | on October 8, 2015

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As you attend yoga classes to build your strength, promote relaxation, gain more energy, and improve your posture, you might begin to explore more advanced poses that can challenge the body and further build your strength. However, advanced poses can also have a higher risk for injury, so you’ll want to take it slow and follow these steps when working to improve your skills.

Master the fundamentals

When you have a mastery over the foundational poses of a given yoga practice, you will be better prepared to take on more challenging poses. Even the most basic yoga poses will emphasize proper breathing, balance, and focus, so you should not overlook the importance of the fundamentals as you advance in your practice. Practicing non-yoga exercises such as weight training and core exercises may also be helpful in building the strength you need to support yourself through arm balances and handstands. Regular stretching also improves the flexibility needed in the more advanced poses.

Explore alternate poses

Many yoga poses have intermediate variations that will help you master the full expression of the pose in stages rather than overstretching on the first try. Using tools like blocks, straps, bolsters, and grip-gloves might also be helpful in adding stability to trickier poses.  

Consider a private yoga session

Regardless of your skill level, a private yoga session can be beneficial for advancing your skills and safely progressing to more difficult positions. With the attention of a private instructor, you can pinpoint your unique strengths and weaknesses to identify the most effective exercises for your practice. You might also find that you are more comfortable trying new positions with the help of a private instructor rather than in a larger class.

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