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How Better Alignment Can Relieve Pain

By animas | In Blog | on June 15, 2015

Young woman practicing yoga at Animas Center in Tucson, AZ

The human spine is designed to spend lots of time standing upright on two feet, moving frequently throughout the day. This design no longer matches most people’s lifestyles, which may involve hours of sitting down without much regular activity throughout the day. As a result, the body may be thrown out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort. By using exercises like Pilates and yoga that focus on realigning the body and achieving balance and core strength, you can live free of pain that disrupts your lifestyle. Below you’ll get a closer look at the benefits of better alignment for pain relief.

Fewer pressure points

Back pain is a common complaint among American adults, and it is often caused by pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. This pressure may result from structures that are out of place. If bending over or lying down tends to temporarily relieve low back pain, there is a good chance that the pain is related to poor alignment.

Improved posture and balance

If areas of the body are not aligned, you might have poor posture, which can lead to pain caused by daily activities like walking or even sitting at a desk. Alignment also affects your balance, so better alignment might also reduce your chances of falls, which are likely to cause injuries.

Even wear and tear

Just like when your car is out of alignment and tires become worn unevenly, a body out of alignment can unevenly wear down the joints, causing inflammation and pain. In the joints of the knees and hips, an unaligned posture can lead to significant damage over time.
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