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Toughest Yoga Positions for Men to Master

By animas | In Uncategorized | on August 24, 2015

Man in bending backward, side view

Yoga is a whole-body experience that challenges your strength and flexibility while rejuvenating your mental outlook on life. Each pose during your yoga class is designed to create harmony and balance between the body and mind. Although both men and women enjoy yoga equally, certain poses can be more difficult to master—keep reading to discover a few of the more challenging, but also more rewarding, yoga poses that men should try.

The Wheel

The wheel pose, sometimes called the bridge, promotes flexibility in the back and legs. This pose can also be challenging for men, who frequently have less flexibility than women. To achieve this rewarding pose, start on your back with your feet flat and your palms beside your ears. Lift the torso upward as far as possible without affecting your ability to breathe deeply, and hold for ten seconds before releasing.

The Crow

The crow pose is one of the most popular yoga poses for building core strength. From a squat, place your hands flat on the ground with your elbows inside your knees. Prop your knees on the back of your arms, near the elbow or triceps, one at a time, slowly lifting the feet into this pose.

The Headstand

Headstands can be difficult for men that suffer from tight hamstrings, but this pose can help to sharpen your mental focus and improve your circulation and nervous system health. From an all-fours position, lace your hands behind your head and place the top of your head on the ground, slowly lifting the lower body by walking your feet toward your torso. If you have trouble, you can hug one knee as you lift the other; work on achieving this pose slowly over time, which will help to improve flexibility in the legs.

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