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Lisa Fasciola

Lisa Fasciola


Lisa began her Pilates practice after personally experiencing some repetitive motion injuries. She had heard about Pilates and had wanted to try it for a long while. When a studio opened next door to my massage practice, she jumped right in.

The mind-body connection in movement is what drew Lisa to Pilates. After two years practicing at least 3 times a week, Lisa decided to get her Pilates Certification and was certified in 2008 through Balanced Body.
Lisa’s fifteen years of experience as a massage therapist working with clients rehabbing or recovering from injuries transitioned into her Pilates practice. She combines her skills and knowledge of the human body to design programs for her students, increasing their flexibility and strength while creating better postural habits.

Lisa is very creative, giving her students a variety of exercises as well as keeping a keen eye on alignment. She is supportive of each person’s process, encouraging people to be present in their bodies, have fun, challenge themselves, be courageous, and keep breathing. There’s no need for “I can’t” in our vocabulary. Instead, it’s best to embrace “I’ll try!”

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